Energy like you’ve never seen.

One look at the Mazda 6 is enough to fire up your emotions and heighten the anticipation of excitement to come. This inspiring expression of Mazda’s KODO – Soul of Motion design combines speed, power and allure in one seamless artistic creation. Result? Dynamism, vitality and agility brimming from a bold, muscular stance. Every curve and line of the sedan exudes confidence and grace. On the other hand, the wagon oozes a sporty spirit, inviting you to get in for a ride and adventure.

Now, with G-Vectoring Control (GVC)

Smooth transitions between G-forces when braking, turning and accelerating are an essential element of Jinba-ittai, and have been a major development focus at Mazda for many years. This unified feeling to braking, steering and acceleration, along with consistent feedback, allows the driver to control the vehicle easily and precisely. And now G-Vectoring Control (GVC) – the debut technology of SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS – takes this dynamic, unified feel to an even higher level. It’s a logical extension of Mazda’s human-centric design and engineering philosophy that not only concentrates on mechanical efficiency but also considers how a vehicle should be in light of human characteristics. GVC is a new approach to controlling vehicle dynamics that uses the engine to enhance chassis performance, and it gives Mazda vehicles even smoother transitions between G-forces in all driving scenarios.



Everyone gets the good vibes.

Representing the new era of automotive innovation, Mazda 6 embraces the brand’s latest visions. This driving sensation combines cutting-edge SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY and inspiring KODO – Soul of Motion design language, revolutionizing every driver’s experience inside and out.




A cockpit that makes you feel at one with the car. A cabin crafted to make your passengers feel special. The spacious Mazda 6 seats five people, comfortably. Steering wheel, gear shifter and Commander Control for MZD Connect, all inviting your touch. And with thoughtful storage all around, your items fit perfectly into place.



The technical breakthroughs of SKYACTIV-G engines realize an astonishing increase in fuel efficiency – up to 15% – as well as a higher level of driving pleasure.

The SKYACTIV-Drive 6-speed automatic transmission enhances Mazda 6 response for fast, smoother automatic gear-shifting.



At Mazda, we believe genuine safety can only be realized when driver awareness and control is maximized so that the risk of accidents is minimized. Mazda 6 is equipped with i-ACTIVESENSE – Mazda’s integrated suite of advanced safety technologies designed to inform, support and protect.


Adaptive LED Headlights (ALH)

ALH offers the driver great support for recognizing potential hazards when driving at night. The system improves night visibility and helps the driver avoid hazardous situations by combining the use of Glare-free High Beam (featuring an adjust-able illumination range) and Wide-range Low Beam.


Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

LDWS senses lane markings on the road surface. When the system predicts departure from the lane it issues an audible warning similar to the noise a car makes when it runs onto a rumble strip to prompt timely steering corrections. The system assesses driver inputs such as use of the turn signal to weed out false alarms.


Advanced Smart City Brake Support (Advanced SCBS)

With the high performance  forward sensing camera, Advanced SCBS detects vehicle and pedestrians in front of the vehicle and automatically applies the brakes to help avoid collision and mitigate collision damage while driving between approximately 4 and 80km/h (sensing a vehicle ahead) or between approximately 10 and 80km/h (sensing a pedestrian).


Lane-keep Assist System (LAS)

A forward sensing camera detects lane marking and assists the steering to keep you in lane. The system also alerts you when it judges an unintended lane departure is imminent by vibrating the steering wheel or with an audible alarm. When the system determines lane departure is intentional (use of turn signals, etc) steering assistance is cancelled and no warnings are given. The system operates at speed above approximately 60km/h.


Driver Attention Alert (DAA)

DAA uses information such as steering wheel angle, vehicles speed, and output from the forward sensing camera to assess the driver’s condition and help prevent accidents caused by fatigue or lowered alertness. The system monitors and compares current behavior with learned data on how the driver performs when fresh, and suggests a rest brake when a significant difference is detected.


Smart City Brake Support [Reverse] (SCBS R)

Ultrasonic sensors mounted on the rear bumper allow SCBS R to detect vehicles obstacles behind when reversing at speeds between approximately 2 and 8km/h. If an object is detected, the system automatically applies the brakes to help mitigate the collision damage.


Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)

and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

BSM uses 24 GHz quasi-milliwave radar sensors to detect vehicles in the blind spots behind and to the side, and using a turn signal while BSM detects a vehicle triggers visual and audio warnings. RTCA uses the same sensors to alert the driver when it detects vehicles approaching from either side during reversing operations.


Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

with Traction Control System (TCS)

DSC with TCS electonically controls braking force applied to each wheel to help prevent under or oversteer and maintain vehicle stability when cornering on slippery roads or during sudden steering inputs.



A full complement of airbags – front, front seat side, curtain – provide another layer of protection in depth against physical shock and injury in a collision.


Body Structure

The body provides world class collision safety performance. Extensive use of ultra-high-tensile steel gives strength with low weight, while the framework absorbs and channels energy away from the cabin.



Climate-control system is redesigned to give improved heating/cooling performance.


Luxury is refined with satin-chrome and hand-polished aluminium finishes.


Steering wheel features buttons on the sides, allowing you to access the radio and other functions easily without taking your eyes off the road.


Bose™ Premium Audio System for an immersive entertainment experience on the go.


Sporty meters are given a dash of class with silver linings.


Rooftop rack makes carrying bulky items on the go more convenient on the Mazda 6 Wagon.


Steering wheel features buttons on the sides, allowing you to access the radio and other functions easily without taking your eyes off the road.


Rooftop rack makes carrying bulky items on the go more convenient on the Mazda6 Wagon.