Spacious, versatile and efficient.

The Mazda Biante sets new standards in spacious comfort and eco-friendly performance. Mazda’s groundbreaking suite of technical breakthroughs in SKYACTIV Technology delivers a spirited drive along with superior fuel economy.

While inside this innovative 8-seater, inventive features ensure a smooth and relaxing ride. Its versatile seating arrangements, and high roof offer limousine-style spaciousness the whole family will enjoy. It’s the new-generation MPV that’s quite like no other.


 The new-generation MPV.

The Mazda Biante provides an enticing bold styling that encapsulates a spacious and functional interior. Adhering to the Zoom-Zoom spirit, it breaks the traditional norms of the ‘high roof’ minivan segment to move you and your family in style and comfort while providing a great driving experience.




The Mazda Biante is designed to do things your way. Its spacious cabin provides a class-leading width of 1,545mm that’s combined with a generous 2,990mm length and 1,350mm height. And this accommodates 3 rows, and up to 8 adult passengers comfortably, as well as everything else you need. 3 distinct seating modes allow for extra boot capacity or even limousine-style legroom. The expansive windows with low sills too add to the Biante’s overall spaciousness.


Living Mode

Abundant space allows passengers at the back to stretch out comfortably.


Semi-living Mode

Ample legroom and space for bags makes this arrangement great for family outings.


5 Occupants + Rear Luggage Mode

Flipping up the 3rd row provides more room for luggage without compromising passenger comfort.



The Mazda Biante is engineered to give you and your family the ultimate in exhilarating eco-friendly driving pleasure. Thanks to Mazda’s proprietary suite of innovations in SKYACTIV Technology, it delivers superior fuel efficiency as well as Mazda’s renowned Zoom-Zoom performance! The spirited SKYACTIV-G engine, and SKYACTIV transmission, body and chassis all combine to assure a drive that’s as comfortable and exciting as it is fuel-saving.


At Mazda, your safety is our priority. That’s why the Mazda Biante is well equipped with advanced safety technologies to keep you and your passengers safe. From its excellent field of view for clarity, to enhanced 4W-ABS with EBD, you can just enjoy the drive. The highly rigid triple H structure is designed to suppress cabin damage in the event of a collision, while the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) prevents skids and keeps the vehicle under control.



Paddle shifters on the steering wheel add a touch of sportiness to your drive.


Broad meter cluster at the top of the dashboard provides information clearly and easily without taking your eyes off the road.


Ample trays, pockets and hooks are available for your knick-knacks.

Mazda Biante, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating