Space has never been this luxurious until now.

Forget the ordinary SUV you know. The CX-9 will drive you on an extraordinary path of exceptional space and surprising luxury. Its impressive curves and stylish lines express Mazda’s Kodo – Soul of Motion and trademark Zoom-Zoom. Inside, 7 full leather seats are spread over three spacious rows to take comfort to grand levels. But best of all, advanced ride, safety and entertainment features make the CX-9 the driver’s SUV, whether you’re on a drive around town or a holiday road trip. So it’s no surprise the CX-9 is like no other SUV you know. It’s simply the ultimate one.


CX-9 is all about making life richer and more rewarding. So it’s designed to make everything you do easier, more satisfying, and just plain more enjoyable. Versatile seat arrangements allow up to six passengers, a huge amount of cargo, or any combination, making CX-9 a true life partner. Access to the third row couldn’t be easier, even for children, and wherever you sit there are handy places to store things. Whatever you do, no matter who you travel with, CX-9 is always ready to brighten your day.

The grille’s signature wings flow into beautiful, compact LED headlamps that curve and extend deep into the front fenders. The intricate design and masterfully executed details of these ‘eyes’ of CX-9 draw the onlooker in.

Amenity and convenience are two key factors that set a great SUV apart from one that is merely good, and CX-9 passes this test with flying colors. Storage spaces, including cup holders for all three rows of seats, are thoughtfully placed throughout the cabin.

This BOSE® premium sound system features 12 speakers, most with extended bass range, allowing better crossover points for a flatter frequency response. The result is an accurate reproduction of music from the highest treble to the lowest bass tones.

The three-meter cluster features a seven-inch TFT LCD colour display in the centre. In addition to vehicle speed, it shows diversified vehicle information in a clear, easy-to-read manner near the centre of the driver’s line of sight.

The windscreen-type Active Driving Display is divided into two zones for better legibility with high-priority vehicle-status information and advance safety information shown in the lower section, and driving environment information such as turn-by-turn directions in the upper section.

Newly adopted front-seat ventilation draws hot and humid air away from areas where the occupant’s body is in contact with the seat surface, providing a more comfortable driving environment. The system offers three-state control over ventilation strength.


At Mazda, we believe genuine safety can only be realized when driver awareness and control is maximized so that the risk of accidents is minimized. Mazda CX-9 is equipped with i-ACTIVESENSE – Mazda’s integrated suite of advanced safety technologies designed to inform, support and protect.

Adaptive LED Headlights offers the driver greater support for recognizing potential hazards when driving at night. The system improves night visibility and helps the driver avoid hazardous situations by combining the use of Glare-free High Beam (featuring an adjustable illumination range) and Wide-range Low Beam.

Adaptive LED Headlights (ALH)

LDWS senses lane markings on the road surface. When the system predicts departure from the lane it issues an audible warning similar to the noise a car makes when it runs onto a rumble strip to prompt timely steering corrections. The system assesses driver inputs such as use of the turn signals to weed out false alarms.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

BSM uses 24GHz quasi-milliwave radar sensors to detect vehicles in the blind spots behind and to the side, and using a turn signal while BSM detects a vehicle triggers visual and audio warnings.

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)

A forward sensing camera detects lane markings and assists the steering to keep you in lane. The system also alerts you when it judges an unintended lane departure is imminent by vibrating the steering wheel or with an audible alarm. When the system determines lane departure is intentional (use of turn signals, etc) steering assistance is cancelled and no warnings are given. The system operates at speeds above approximately 60km/h.

Lane-Keep Assist System (LAS)

Advance Smart City Brake Support (Advanced SCBS) With the high-performance forward sensing camera, Advanced SCBS detects vehicles and pedestrians* in front of the vehicle and automatically applies the brakes to help avoid collisions and mitigate collision damage while driving between approximately 4 and 80km/h (sensing a vehicle ahead) or between approximately 10 and 80km/h (sensing a pedestrian). Smart City Brake Support [Reverse] (SCBS R) Ultrasonic sensors mounted on the rear bumper allow SCBS R to detect vehicles and obstacles behind when reversing at speeds between approximately 2 and 8 km/h. If an object is detected, the system automatically applies the brakes to help mitigate collision damage.

Advance Smart City Brake Support & Smart City Brake Support (Reverse)

Rear Cross Traffic Alert uses the same sensors as BSM to alert the driver when it detects vehicles approaching from either side during reversing operations. Warnings are given by a flashing indicator in the door mirror and a beep.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)