Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is a smarter, safer way to use your phone in the car. It allows you to mirror your phone and display them directly on your car’s built-in display. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music, all in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road. Just connect your phone and go. Works with Apple IOS 12 and Android 5.0. Third-party interface providers are solely responsible for their product functionality, and third-party terms and privacy statements apply.


Bursting with the vitality of a free-spirited being, the new Mazda CX-3 is more compelling than ever. Mazda’s KODO — Soul of Motion design language endows it with new aesthetics, dignity and tension. A renewed focus on traditional Japanese design stripped away embellishment to reveal a beautifully honed form that inspires observers and strengthens the bond between car and owner. In the new Mazda CX-3, we take beauty and radical edginess to new heights that resonate with those seeking a vibrant life.



The new Mazda CX-3 has continued Mazda’s quest to refine styling elegance and enhance satisfying performance. True to Mazda’s KODO design philosophy it has taken a massive evolutionary step forward to more fully meet customer expectations. With the ultimate goal of being a car that the user desires to gaze upon, is eager to drive, and that has no substitute.


Th new Mazda CX-3 takes on the human-centric design philosophy to further enhance the Jinba-ittai experience offering a panoramic view of the road and having instruments and controls ideally placed to support a safer and enjoyable driving.  The addition of new soft touch materials across touch-points brings out the stylishness of the interior reflecting superior craftsmanship.

The full-colour Active Driving Display shows high-priority information as it changes from moment to moment, minimizing risks associated with looking away from the road and the time taken for the eyes to refocus.

The electric parking brake (EPB) ensures secure activation with just the flip of a switch. The Auto-hold function keeps the vehicle stopped even after the driver lifts their foot off the brake pedal.



This high-efficiency direct-injection petrol engine realizes brisk performance and superb fuel efficiency via high 13.0:1 compression ratio. It features cavity pistons for high thermal efficiency, multi-hole injectors that produce a more uniform and combustible fuel-air mixture, a 4-2-1 exhaust system that further raises combustion efficiency and more. In addition, linear response to accelerator operation is refined to deliver comfortable, high-quality performance for smooth handling in any situation. A new piston shape is also adopted for higher efficiency, stronger torque at low- to mid-engine speeds and more practical fuel economy. In pursuit of an ideal engine condition, we refined the Jinba-ittai feeling of unity with the car while also achieving excellent environmental performance.


This six-speed automatic transmission combines the smooth operation of a conventional automatic with the fast shifting of a twin-clutch gearbox. Lockup is extended to nearly 90% for the solid feel of a manual transmission, and there’s also the choice of Sports and manual shift modes for sportier driving.


Innovations in structure, construction and materials make CX-3 lighter, safer and more rigid. Straight structural members, a continuous framework and extensive use of high-tensile steel achieve the contradictory requirements of lighter weight and greater collision- resistance, particularly in the occupants’ area.


To deliver sporty Jinba-ittai driving, CX-3 features strut geometry at the front and a torsion beam axle at the rear, specifically tuned for stability at high speeds and sharp, nimble response at low and mid-range speeds. Bushes on the front stabilizer and rear torsion beam mounts are refined to enhance stability, while revisions to the front and rear dampers add to the flat, comfortable ride. The Electric Power Assist Steering’s characteristics are revised to provide natural, responsive operation with positive feedback, as well as pinpoint control through curves and during straight-line cruising.


Mazda’s Proactive Safety philosophy is firmly grounded in a belief in the driver’s abilities, aiming to support safe driving while maintaining all the fun of the open road.

BSM uses 24GHz quasi-milliwave radar sensors to detect vehicles in the blind spots behind and to the side, and using a turn signal while BSM detects a vehicle triggers visual and audio warnings.


RCTA uses the same sensors as BSM to alert the driver when it detects vehicles approaching from either side during reversing operations. Warnings are given by a flashing indicator in the door mirror and a beep.


DSC with TCS electronically controls braking force applied to each wheel to help prevent under or oversteer and maintain vehicle stability when cornering on slippery roads or during sudden steering inputs.



Features that empower you.

Drive Selection switch on the shift gate allows switching to Sport mode, automatically setting the transmission and engine characteristics for even more powerful acceleration and linear response especially when merging onto a crowded motorway.

The full-automatic climate-control system maximizes comfort by improved heating/cooling performance.



The sleek styling also achieves an ideal balance of over-body and under-body airflows that smoothly converge at the rear of the vehicle. The result is excellent aerodynamic performance for superior high-speed stability, quietness and fuel economy.